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Alternative Economies

The Art of Weaving New Commerce
Oaxacan, Mixtec and Triqui women bring a unique offering to the Greenfield farmers market. During the week, these indigenous women work in the fields of Salinas Valley. On weekends, they sell their handmade textiles. This new business venture produces new income, preserves their rich, 500-year culture, and passes on the art of weaving.

Race, Culture, Power

California Central Coast Region: Diverse, Rapidly Changing Land
This briefing paper explores the region's substantial economic growth and demonstrates opportunities for real change in rural communities of color. With increasing political power, local agency support, skills training and labor rights work, communities of color can also create real inroads in alleviating regional poverty.

Mid-South Delta Region: Assets, Socioeconomic Complex, Emerging Opportunities
The area's agricultural and manufacturing-based economies face new challenges by local, global and technological forces. How the region responds to these challenges will determine the region's future advancement and strength. The authors present strategies to improve the social and economic well-being of low-wealth people in the region.






Race, Poverty, and Transforming Rural Economies: Lessons Learned after Ten Years of Collaboration
Ten Year Review

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Rural Investments & Opportunities
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NRFC Supports a Broad Spectrum of Rural Strategies for Investment and Best Practices.
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Current Demonstration Grants


"Fulfilling the Promise: What Obama and Rural American Share in Common"
The election of Barack Obama as president elect of the U.S. gained the world's attention. NRFC's Jim Richardson reflects on the "Audacity of Hope" and how to move from hope as a symbol, into the reality of greater prosperity, security and opportunity for all.

NRFC:  Working to Close the Gap
Read a message from our Executive Director, Jim Richardson about where NRFC has been and where we are going.  Join us for our rural focused events at the COF's Leadership Summit.

Rural Philanthropy Network

The National Rural Funders Collaborative and the Neighborhood Funders Group are working together to create and provide a “gathering space” for small and middle-sized funders—community foundations, family foundations and others—working in and supporting rural communities and regions.  Go to RPN now

News & Events

COFs Fall Conference for Community Foundations
September 13-15
Charlotte, N.C.

CFED's 2010 Assets Learning Conference
September 22-25
Washington, D.C.

Resources & Publications

Towards a More Democratic Vision of Rural Community Giving
As rural low-wealth communities and communities of color struggle to move out of poverty and to discover healthier and more sustainable economic strategies to support themselves, an alternative vision and models of "community philanthropy" are emerging. This vision and these models challenge traditional understandings of philanthropy as the benevolence of privilege and wealth upon those less fortunate; and call instead for increased civic participation and wealth creation models in which the entire community can contribute to their viability and well-being.


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